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Same Day Tooth Crowns in Pitman

At Pitman Dental we provide same day crowns that are great to fill in gaps, cover teeth, as well as for implants.

You will not need a second appointment, need to take a gooey impression, or have temporary crowns placed while we wait for a dental lab to make your crown.

Crowns are placed over your tooth and are shaped like a tooth. Your dentist first prepares your tooth by shaving it down to properly fit the tooth-shaped cap. An impression is then made and sent out to the lab to prepare your crown.

Types of Crowns

CERAMIC: These crowns match your natural teeth color and work well for your front teeth.

GOLD ALLOY: Highly durable due to metallic elements such as gold and copper.

PORCELAIN FUSED TO METAL: Known for its durable metal structure, porcelain fused to metal crowns are preferred choice for your molars. These crowns match your natural teeth color however, due to its metallic element, it is not as translucent as natural teeth. Also, a metal lining near the gums eventually start to show as you age and gums naturally recede. Therefore, dentists suggest to use these crowns for your molars.

BASE METAL ALLOYS: These crowns are made with “base metals,” such as chromium and nickel used preferably for molars.
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